Beachsessions 2018

During the summer of 2018 there will be beach sessions again. The idea behind a beach session is that you witness my experiments on beach during the summer. I will tell about my work in a lecture (English) in the beach club. And I will let the new beast walk on the soft sand using a kind of ski poles.

In the case that the wind is not too strong (lower than 30 km/h), not too low (faster than 20km/h) and more or less parallel to the coast, Animaris Proboscis can walk on the wind on the hard sand. That is the image that can be seen in many YouTube videos. But that can only happen under these particular wind conditions. If you  come to The Hague solely for that image, then you are welcome as well but I cannot guarantee that certain wind conditions will prevail on the beach.

Video report of Beach Session

Because of the expected large numbers of visitors, you will need to book this year.

There will be 5 beach sessions:
1. week 28
(sold out)
2. week 29
(sold out)
3. week 32
(sold out)
4. week 34
(sold out)
5. week 36
(sold out)

We will send you an email later with the location and time of the beach session.

The location is 15 minutes walk (sometimes over loose sand) from the closest parking place.

Please note that sometimes the wind is not strong enough to ‘run the beast’. Therefore information about dates and times may change due to unfavourable weather conditions or the unforeseen unavailability of Theo Jansen. You will however be informed of any changes by email.

The entry fee is 6.5 euros for adults (excl. transaction fee), and is free for up to two children under 13.



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